The Bruins are trying to kill me.

I know the Bruins miss David Krejci, but my God...

Jesus Christ.

On this evening, I missed all but the final two minutes due to work obligations. At first, I was bummed to learn I’d be missing the game. Of course I’d be bummed. I arguably live and die more with the Boston Bruins than any other team (arguably meaning I argue with myself over this — no one else cares, I’m sure). Going into the playoffs, winning a series would have been huge given how uneven their regular season turned out. Polishing off Buffalo in six, having Savard return and running up a 3-0 lead on Philadelphia? Huge! Absolutely stupendous. Some of my happiest moments as a Bruins fan to be sure.

And, late on this night, it all seems like an eternity ago.

I’m glad I couldn’t watch this. The Bruins have managed to find the one scenario in which advancing to the second round could be turned into the negative. As a Red Sox fan, naturally, I have strong memories of a team battling back from three games down in a best-of-seven series. And the way Philadelphia has marched back …

I can’t even say it. The possibility is just too awful.

But, through all these thoughts, terrible and horrifying as they may be, I keep coming back to this:

“This is how they respond after David Krejci breaks his wrist?”

Apparently so.

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