For better or worse: Live blogging Game 7

Patrice, you may be needed tonight.

Prologue: I am terrified of what could happen tonight. The Bruins have been forced to a seventh game against Philadelphia, in a series that should’ve ended a week ago. A date with the world-beating Montreal Canadiens awaits the winner on Sunday.

And, for your, um, pleasure, I guess, I’ll be documenting my thoughts in real time.

God help us all.

7:02 p.m.: Pulled back into the parking lot of my building with a six-pack of Newcastle, to watch the game with the neighborly Jon and Julie.

7:07: Knots in my stomach. But, I can smell BBQ chicken pizza being made, for what it’s worth.


Jon: “Good to see Jack Edwards had decaf today.”

7:24: Tuukka Rask makes at least two (maybe three) nice saves, and Dennis Wideman goes from almost making another boneheaded play to drawing a penalty. Danny Briere is in the box for high sticking.


And what I yelled out two seconds ago: “JESUS CHRIST!”

7:29: Jon reading aloud from Twitter: “Dennis Wideman went around Matt Carle like Carle was Dennis Wideman.” That sounds about right. (Courtesy of @stevebilafer)

7:33: Miroslav Satan hits the post. Damn.

7:35: Danielle Paille can’t put in Boychuck’s rebound, and then Boychuck launches another one on net. And then, Boychuck throws a dude into the bench. I like Johnny Boychuck.

7:36: OH MY GOD MILAN LUCIC! 3-0 BRUINS! I would kiss this man on the mouth right now, if he’d let me.

7:40: Trent Whitfield really throwing his weight around. For what he is, I really like Whitfield.

7:41: James van Reimsdeik or however it’s spelled trickles one in under Rask’s pad. 3-1 Bruins.

7:45: Vladimir Sobotka and van Reimsdyke getting chippy after a Rask save.

7:47: Earlier, Julie asked me if I was going to be unbiased doing this blog. It’s just so cute a thought, really. Also, upon further inspection, it’s “van Riemsdyk.” I’ll probably keep spelling this wrong. After one period, Bruins 3, Flyers 1.

8:00: Pizza was very, very good. Thank you, Julie.

8:05: Starting the second period. Here we go…

8:06: Shot goes over Rask’s shoulder but misses the net. Putting the beer down except for when there’s a whistle from here on out.

8:08: Noted Neanderthal Scott Hartnell makes this 3-2 Bruins. Goddamnit.

8:10: Point-blank save by Rask on van Reemsdieke. They can’t keep doing that.

8:13: Marc Savard called for hooking, and Philadelphia is about to go on their first power play.

Jack Edwards: “Is this a series in miniature?” Please, Jack. Don’t do that to me.

8:15: Wow, Steve Begin  threw himself in front of that Flyers shot, and is now heading to the locker room. Straight into the left ankle.

8:18: Bruins kill the penalty, and Begin is already back on the ice. Impressive!

8:19: Fuck you, Danny Briere. Fuck you. We’re tied 3-3.

8:21: Dan Carcillo going to the box for being a douchebag, or high sticking. Either way, it’s a Bruins power play.

8:24: Philadelphia kills that off. Two shots on goal for the Bruins.

8:25: Andrew Ference with the Bruins best chance of the period, but Michael Leighton stops that going post to post.

8:26: Johnny Boychuck called for hooking. Flyers are going back on the power play.

8:31: Bruins kill that off, but not without making me gasp a couple of times. And then Rask makes about four huge saves on one shot. I’m having trouble breathing here.

8:34: That last flurry is under review…

8:36: After review, no goal. And, breathe.

8:41: Nice effort by the Bergeron-Recchi-Wheeler line, but no results. They started to look like a team there again for a minute.

8:45: Satan had a nice chance in the last 15 seconds, but Leighton is there to stop it. I’m starting to lose my voice, and I’m once again completely terrified. After two periods, Bruins 3, Flyers 3. I need a drink.

9:01: Here we go, third period. Please don’t send me to the dark place, Boston. Please.

9:05: Four minutes in, Boston is dominating offensive time on the puck. More of this, please, more of this.

9:07: Rask has to dive to the ice to cover up after a furious couple of minutes by Philadelphia. Less of that, please.

9:12: I just want to capture my thoughts here. I feel like the first three Bruins goals never happened now.

9:16: 10 minutes remaining, and I can taste my heart in the back of my throat.


9:19: During the commercial break, the Bruins are called for too many men on the ice. It’s almost beautiful in its symmetry.

9:21: Simon Gagne scores a power play goal. 4-3 Flyers. I wish I was dead.

9:25: … Um, this might be the last chance you have to donate in the name of my playoff beard. Funny enough, I can’t feel my face right now.

9:29: I hope no one minds that I haven’t said a word out loud for 10 minutes.

9:30: Rask is out of the net for the extra attacker. One minute left.

9:31: Claude Julien calls his timeout.

9:32: Fuck.

Epilogue: Jack just said it best on NESN: “The Bruins with a collapse they will never forget.” Neither will I. I will see this in my nightmares for years. Years.

Best of luck to Montreal. Or Chicago. Whatever. I need a drink.

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