The lonliest sports day of the year

Jim Rice - 1984 Topps All-Star

I wonder how Jim Rice spent his post-All-Star Wednesdays in the '80s. He probably napped.

Oh, All-Star hangover.

Across Major League Baseball, stadiums are empty. Save for the AAA All-Star game being played today, there are no diving stops, no gems, no ungodly breaking pitches, no screaming liners.

Last night, the National League won the All-Star Game 3-1 in Anaheim, thanks in no small part to Brian McCann’s bases-clearing double and Joe Girardi’s crap managing (if you don’t think I’ll be blaming that useless sack of discipline-demanding crap for this, then you don’t know me very well. Ortiz left in to run, A-Rod stays on the bench, utility guy Ty Wigginton already used up … bah. Dumb.). Alas, I’m sure the Braves/Reds/Cardinals/Rockies/Pirates will enjoy hosting Game 7 of the World Series should the World Series ever gets to a seventh game again, of course.

But, that’s all over now, and today is a new day. Sadly, though, there’s not a whole lot going on in the sports world.

To wit:

  • ESPN is showing the ESPYs. I will not be adding more ESPN into my life than is absolutely necessary.
  • The following shows I’ve never watched are on: Minute to Win It, Big Brother, So You Think You Can Dance, America’s Next Top Model and The Unit.
  • In old movies, AMC is showing Tin Cup and then Executive Decision (the one where Steven Seagal dies really early), CMT presents Cannonball Run II and E! has The Cable Guy. Riveting.

So TV’s out. In that case, you could check out that new album (I recommend the Black Keys, Spoon or Quasi), reconnect with an old friend, or you could be really daring and read a book.

Me? Thanks to the job, I get to take in the New Bedford Bay Sox of the New England League take on Team Canada at Paul Walsh Field, weather permitting, taping it for posterity.

If you’re in Southeastern Mass., you should feel free to join me, since I’ve found actual baseball on a day with very little baseball. Otherwise, I hope you find something fun tonight, too.

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