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Well here’s an exercise for the sake of an exercise.

My 10 or 15 favorite members of the Red Sox has always been pretty solid, but what would my 100 favorite Red Sox look like? I wondered, and if you’re curious, here they are.

Building this was interesting, but more interesting to me was how many guys didn’t make the cut. I won’t say who they are here, but see if there are glaring omissions from the list. I either a) forgot them, or b) left them out on purpose. At this point, option B is more likely, but A is still possible.

And, to fill out this spot, here’s my all-time favorite Red Sox lineup, made with my heart and not with my head. That said, my apologies to the Gator, Mike Greenwell:


RF – Dwight Evans 24

2B – Dustin Pedroia 15

LF – Ted Williams 9

DH – Jim Rice 14

1B – Carl Yastrzemski 8

SS – Nomar Garciaparra 5

CF – Ellis Burks 12

C – Jason Varitek 33

3B – Tim Naehring 11


RHP – Pedro Martinez 45

I’d take my chances with those guys. Wouldn’t you?

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