The greatest video you’ll watch all day

Somewhere, Ryne Sandberg is either furious or laughing too hard to move.

I don’t often put up a post just to link to a video.

I also don’t normally like to call attention to something so utterly horrible.

But, sometimes, exceptions have to be made, because this is everything that’s wrong with baseball. Maybe not baseball, but every horror show masquerading as a fan.

On April 1, 2011, the Chicago Cubs opened up at Wrigley Field against the Pittsburgh Pirates, and NPR station WBEZ 91.5 was out looking for fans to interview. And find a fan they did. They found a doozy. The results are here.

And, if you do anything for me, ever, please be sure to watch this until the very end. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

This video is amazing.

Thanks go out to @RobEffinBrown for alerting me to the best moving picture I’ve seen since Black Swan.


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