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Cliff Lee and greatness

Lee has been frustrating batters to no end lately.

There are very few situations where I will find myself rooting against the Boston Red Sox. After more than two decades of faith and devotion, dunking my head into the deep waters of players, personalities, history, stats and memorabilia, I have conditioned myself to always see the good in the hometown team (minus one notable exception).

What happened yesterday, watching Cliff Lee completely dominate the Red Sox, didn’t cause me to loosen those morals. But despite being disappointed with the outcome, I’m still able to step away and appreciate greatness when it presents itself. And the roll that Cliff Lee has been on lately is the stuff of greatness, a tall, cool lefty blessed by the Baseball Gods with equal portions of confidence and control. Continue reading


Moonlighting, and Tim Wakefield

I get a kick out of the fact that Tim Wakefield is almost ageless in baseball card form.

In return for Cee Angi’s fantastic look at dating, the Yankees and the 2003 season for Pedro Week, I’ve written a piece on the highs and lows of Tim Wakefield for her fanastic blog, Essence of Baseball.

So, you should spend your Monday morning reading that, and then continue on reading everything else she’s written.

Do it. It’s what Wakefield would want.