We're closer to the 1980s than we've been since 1990.

There’s little that makes me as happy in the offseason as when a team corrects a graphic wrong.

Usually it’s subtle: the Brewers bringing back the ball-in-glove logo for special occasions, the Twins going retro for select home games, the Red Sox turning blue on the road, and so on.

But the Baltimore Orioles have topped every logo move in recent memory. Today, the club announced they’re bringing back the smiling cartoon bird and the white front-panel cap, and made the baseball world a better place.

The Orioles have not had much to cheer for since 1997. They’ve rotated through managers, mediocre pitchers and the bottom spots of the AL East for much of that time, perpetually sitting no fewer than five years away from contention. Every good hitter seems negated by a bad one, every top run wiped out by a seven-game losing streak.

It’s not an accident when a team is continually bad, and it usually starts at the top. From there, owner Peter Angelos has, according to most reasonable baseball reporters, continually meddled with his team and stifled attempts to climb back to respectability.

So, with all that negativity in the air, let’s at least give them their due when they’ve earned it. This look is a winner, one a good number of fans should be pleased with. And, important to this space, it’s a return to a hat that has long been a favorite of mine, the cap they wore when I began to fall in love with baseball. In my own dictatorial fantasy world, I’d make nearly every team revert to whatever their uniform was in 1988. The Orioles complied all on their own, without my benevolent takeover, and for that I applaud them.

The Orioles, already sharp, are one of the best-looking teams in the American League. Eastern foes or not, I’d wear that cap.

As for the Miami Marlins, on another day, I’d call this a crime against humanity. But there’s been enough of that this month.