All that's missing is Joe Carter in right field.

The Baseball Gods have once again shined its graphic magic upon the game.

Following the lead of the Baltimore Orioles a few days ago, the Toronto Blue Jays have unveiled a new logo and uniform set, which harkens back to a time when Toronto was the capital of the baseball world, a team that played its games in a futuristic stadium and terrorized the rest of the American League.

It’s an updated take on the graphic blue jay, bringing back the baseball background, the maple leaf in the ear and the hollowed out numbers and typeface, a unique look for baseball’s second Canadian team. And since it fits my distorted world view that every baseball team (with some exceptions) should dress like it did in 1988, I couldn’t be happier with the results.

There are criticisms floating around about the logo itself, and they’re not without merit. But they speak to a technicality to which I can’t relate. I’m graphically inclined, and I often see things in terms of aesthetics, but I don’t agree that this is a poorly executed emblem. Is it a perfect game? No. But it’s easily a one-hitter.

There’s something to be said for returning to a winning aesthetic. The Blue Jays were, for a time, the class of baseball, winning their division regularly and taking home the World Series trophy twice, in 1992 and ’93. But starting in 1997 (and coinciding with the arrival of a true baseball villain), the Blue Jays tweaked their gear, taking it to a new, awful place a few years later. They’ve been a respectable club the past few seasons, but they’ve looked horrible in the process.

These days, they have arguably the best hitter in baseball, they have a young pitching staff and they’d like to impersonate the Rays and make a run for the pennant at some point.

Whether or not they do remains to be seen. But at least they’ll look like winners.