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Requiem for a shortstop: Marco Scutaro

Scutaro's next dirty jersey will read, "COLORADO."

The Hot Stove season is no season at all. It’s the worst of all worlds, a thick stew of rumors, trades, worries and superstitions without the one piece of the game that makes all that nonsense manageable — actual baseball games.

I actively avoid rumors at this time. I’m not interested in who might sign where as much as I am when I actually do. Then, weighing lineups and juggling batting orders can bring a lift in the dead of winter between Bruins games.

But one bit of business for the Red Sox, coming off back-to-back third place finishes, struck a somber chord with this fan — Marco Scutaro, pencilled in as 2012’s starting shortstop, was off to the Colorado Rockies for a relief pitcher and salary help. With him goes one of the few old-world ball players the Red Sox have had in recent years, outside of Dustin Pedroia. Continue reading