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We’ll fix the car by taking the wheels off

Steve Tracshel is not in a hurry.

Steve Tracshel is not in a hurry.

Baseball games are long sometimes. This is not news.

It’s a game played at a leisurely pace without a clock and with the defense in possession of the ball and able to control the pace of the game, for the most part. There are breaks and pitching changes and music is played between batters and then there are commercials and when Joe Girardi breaks out his giant binder, forget it. Baseball games are long. Some are longer than others.

So it’s up to the good people of Major League Baseball to speed things up, presumably. And as is the case all too often, it’s the people in charge of baseball who need to be kept from baseball at all costs.

This is probably not going to come to fruition, but the fact that an executive within MLB told a reporter that “they ought to change the game to seven innings” is frightening. That person makes money to work within the highest level of the game, and he has that opinion. Continue reading


Beyond Opening Day

Sizemore was good, but he didn't quite match Evans' Opening Day record.

Sizemore was good, but he didn’t quite match Evans’ Opening Day record.

At this point in the season, it may finally be safe to assume that all Opening Days, save for the home openers of individual teams that may not have happened yet, are finally in the books. Overseas, Sunday nights, the real thing Monday, the Yankees and Astros finally playing a game on Tuesday, and then teams even getting in a second and sometimes third or fourth game as of yesterday. Baseball is back, officially back, standings count, statistics are being accumulated, and so on.

Focusing squarely on the Monday Opening Day, when most teams played their first game and played most of them in the day, there was no shortage of highlights amid the excitement. Neil Walker hit a walk-off home run in the bottom of the 10th inning to give the Pirates a win over the Cubs. Old friend Alex Gonzalez gave his new team, the Tigers, a game-winning hit against the Royals. The Mets game was delayed when they didn’t have a first baseman on the field, so they’re already in mid-season form.

And here, Grady Sizemore, playing in his first Major League game since 2011, hit a home run in what became a 2-1 loss in Baltimore against the Orioles. Where Opening Day is a time to quickly survey the rest of the league, most of Spring Training was focused on the Red Sox, and Sizemore’s phoenix-like comeback had been the focus. Seeing him already playing well in his first real action seemed like a good harbinger for the upcoming season. Continue reading