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In defense of honest debate and the Triple Crown

I apologize. This barely counts as a baseball card.

Nothing brings out the worst in baseball fans and writers quite like a good ideological battle disguised as an MVP debate. And it’s as annoying as any late-season collapse or New York-based division title.

In one corner is Mike Trout, the Angels’ wunderkind center fielder who burst on the scene as summer approached. He already plays the position as well as anyone, he leads the American League with 48 stolen bases, and his 30 home runs and .963 OPS are remarkable in their own right.

His 10.7 Wins Above Replacement, according to Baseball-Reference, is good for first in the American League. FanGraphs has him at 10.3 by their calculations. But whatever the number, it doesn’t take much hard analysis to see that Trout is head-and-shoulders above most of his peers this season. The fact that he’s only 21 makes him as tantalizing a rookie as 19-year-old Doc Gooden for the 1984 New York Mets.

On the other side is Miguel Cabrera, the Tigers’ re-converted third baseman who has come on incredibly strong in the second half to lead the league in the three Triple Crown categories — batting average, home runs and RBI — while pushing Detroit past the Chicago White Sox for the AL Central title. Cabrera has been a tremendously talented, albeit troubled, hitter his entire career, but he’s saved his greatest performance for this season , and it’s just in time to help the Tigers get back into the playoffs. And he’s still only 29. He could have an encore performance in his bat still.

A little while after the World Series, one of these two is going to win the AL’s Most Valuable Player trophy. It’s either going to the rookie who has played like Fred Lynn stuck out of time or the veteran who pushed his team through a heated pennant race.

But thanks to hotheads, jerks and alarmists, it can’t be that simple. Continue reading

Justin Verlander, fighting the good fight

It happened.

For the first time in 19 years, a pitcher has been properly recognized as the most valuable player in his league. So congrats go out to Justin Verlander, the American League Cy Young winner and MVP. It’s been a long time coming. Continue reading

No, really, pitchers are valuable

This is what it looks like right before Justin Verlander strikes you out.

I don’t believe in taking many hard-line stances. Every moment is unique, every situation is fluid, circumstances change, emotions are unpredictable.

So when I hear otherwise intelligent folks say that pitchers should not ever win a Most Valuable Player award, I want to set my hair on fire.

Most years, this isn’t quite such a pressing issue. While there’s always one or two pitchers who seem to be world beaters — Zack Grienke in 2009, Roy Halladay every year since 2004, for example — there are typically one or two hitters in each league having career years, propelling their team to the playoffs, perhaps even marching towards history.

But not in 2011, and not in the American League. Continue reading