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Ranking the American League uniforms


The Tigers found something they liked, and damn it if they didn't stick with it.

As I did with the National League, here are the American League jerseys, ranked from 14 on down to one.

Again, there aren’t too many critcisms to levy on the primary home and road jerseys for each team, though I did think it was a bit interesting that I was a bit more critical of some of the choices teams have made in the American League versus the National League. Is it just the extra time I’ve been able to spend studying them? A strange dearth of taste in the junior circuit? Is it really all the fault of the Rangers and Blue Jays?

It’s hard to say. What is important is that there are some great looking uniforms in the league, which includes one team who hasn’t changed much since 1901, my favorite team in the land, and my favorite baseball jersey of them all.

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Ranking the National League uniforms

The Pirates have a classic look that goes pretty far back. Even back to Tim Wakefield's rookie year and their last winning season.

It’s no secret that I’m more than a bit uniform obsessive. I’ve collected baseball and hockey jerseys for some time, focusing mostly in the Boston area but branching out from time to time. I’m an appreciator of the unique elements of each team, and I have a healthy disdain of anything that I deem to be cheap, gimmicky or tacky.

While baseball jerseys may not have the iconic pull of the hockey sweater, they may be the most functional item of clothing in the sports world. Really, it’s just a button-up t-shirt, free of collars, and, for the most part, absent loud graphics. Some have pinstripes, some have piping running from the neck down past the buttons, some have a wordmark across the chest, some have an emblem asymmetrically placed instead.

I have my favorites, and I enjoy putting things in order, sort of an exercise in organizing every aspect of my life, so why not rank every uniform top in baseball? It’s still early in the season; early enough that wearing short sleeves comfortably is still something of a pipe dream here in Massachusetts, and the hope is that this might inspire some of those pre-Opening Day baseball highs to carry over through the chilly days of April. Continue reading